With this simple questionnaire, a large or medium-sized company (manager, risk manager, auditor, etc.) can quickly assess whether the company has measures preventing corruption and whether they are effective. Here are also tips on how to make your company more resistant to corruption. Only ten questions need to be answered. Answering will take 7 minutes.

Follow these steps:

  1. Open and fill out the questionnaire
  2. The lower the final score, the better the companys anti-corruption policy
  3. If the score is high, then as the Estonian proverb says, when you see a mistake, come and help. That means create and implement this policy in your company. You might find this helpful, beginning with page 35.

Happy answering!

1. Does your company have a strategy / action plan for preventing corruption / fraud / illegal actions (this does not refer to a code of ethics)?
2. Is transparency (openness, honesty, explaining principles and cases to employees and the public) a clearly defined and prioritised principle of the activities of your company?
3. Does your company have a code of ethics?
4. Does your company have a procedure for reporting corruption / fraud / illegal actions?
5. Is your company subject to periodic risk assessments in regard to corruption / illegal actions / fraud?
6. Is your company subject to periodic audits (internal) regarding corruption / illegal actions / fraud in the most risk-sensitive processes?
7. Does your company have a department or office responsible for assessing and managing corruption / fraud / illegal actions?
8. Does your company conduct periodic training on how to identify and manage risks of corruption / fraud / illegal actions?
9. Does your company have measures (for example, a trust line) that have the purpose of increasing transparency?
Does your company have a motivation system (performance bonuses, etc.) that supports transparency and prevention of corruption1?
1Read about an example of a possible motivation system here.